Imagine–Creatively Getting Your SMEs to Share Their Expertise in 60 Minutes!

DebraBBrownThis Working with SMEs can be challenging.  It’s not always easy to get them to share what they know or to share their expertise in a way that will help your learners.  Discover how a blank sheet of paper can be transformed–in 60 minutes and only three steps–into your roadmap for Rapid Design Instruction.  You’ll be able to create the background your course needs as well as the information needed to start building your course.  If you’re short on time and long on SME challenges, then this course will save you time, energy, AND frustration.  It’s a fast-paced, interactive course.  We will walk through each step during our session.

This “You Build It” session is designed as a hands-on session requirements:

  • Come with a course or two in mind in which you must work with SMEs.

Note: If you would like to attend the session, and not participate in the hands-on activities, that’s OK by us.

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