Captivate and JavaScript: A Winning Combination!


Captivate is wonderful and powerful, sure. You can do so much with it to deliver great to learners great lessons based on excellent instructional design. However, when you add JavaScript to the mix, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. sing JavaScript in Captivate often mean using one slide rather than 100. It means being able to communicate with external devices and applications. It means taking advantage of JavaScript’s powerful features.
Don’t know JavaScript? Don’t be nervous. During this 100-minute session, Joe will teach you the basics through examples and exercises. Take advantage of the strengths of JavaScript within Captivate itself and you’ll leave other Captivate developers in the dust!
You don’t have to be a Captivate expert to come to the class, but you should already be a Captivate developer and know a little about variables and advanced actions to work on the project during class. Nonetheless, if you don’t, you can come, watch and learn! You will get the example files to use back at the workplace.

This “You Build It” session is designed as a hands-on session with hardware and software requirements:

  • PC/Mac with wireless internet connectivity
  • Adobe Captivate (demo version acceptable)
  • Two new projects that they are working. It is preference that at least one of the two has a video component.
  • Headphones

Note: If you would like to attend the session, and not participate in the hands-on activities, that’s OK by us.


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