“You Build It” Session Sampling

Learning DevCamp “You Build It” 100 minute sessions are hands-on workshops in which you will create content and develop practical skills. More information will be provided by the session leaders as we get closer to the event, however, often it includes the following items:

– PC/Mac with wireless internet connectivity
– Content development tools
– Resources downloaded from Learning DevCamp Community site.
– Headphones/Microphone
Note: If you would like to attend the session, and not participate in the hands-on activities, that’s OK by us.

Here’s a sampling of our “You Build It” sessions as we are finalizing our program which may change without notice.


Working with Animations: Camtasia

Want to take your videos up a notch? Animations can be a great way to grab a viewer’s attention or illustrate a concept. In this session we’ll cover the basics of animations. Learn several techniques for zooming and panning, making things appear or disappear, and moving things around the screen. Bring your basic Camtasia knowledge and your imagination! Software: Install a trail version of Camtasia 9 for Windows or Camtasia 3 for Mac.



A 360 View of Storyline

In this session, we will explore the latest version of this very popular development too.

We will tour the user interface and then you will learn how to start building an awesome course. We will examine some existing slides and build some from scratch. We’ll wrap up by discussing the various publishing options. If time allows we’ll touch on triggers and variables.

During this session, you will be introduced to:

States, Slides , Animations, Layers, Buttons, Sliders, Dials, Hotspots, Inputs, Markers

Build An Interactive Video Experience Using Articulate Storyline

Interactive video helps with learner engagement and retention of key elements; it also helps to focus a learner’s attention in specific areas of the video. But these learning experiences can be expensive and time consuming to produce. Or are they?    Using some “quick and dirty” tools such as video from a smartphone and Storyline, you can build an interactive video experience in about an hour. Learners at this hands-on session will walk away with a template to use in future projects, and with an identification of ways to extend this template into branching scenarios.



Best Practices for Teaching Live, Online Classes

Published reports say “the average student in online learning conditions perform better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.” That’s encouraging news for trainers and training companies looking to offer classes online.

Before jumping into the online training world with both feet, consider this: the world is littered with online courses that fail. Why? Typically, online classes that do not succeed are dull and far from interactive. The simple fact is this: if you don’t quickly and constantly engage your students, you’ve lost them.

Attend this session and you will learn how to facilitate online (synchronous) training classes. You will be introduced to the best practices for leading an online training class and the hardware, software and venture capital you will need to get started.

Who should attend this session? If you are a current trainer, training manager or are curious how online training classes work, this hands-on session is for you!

During this presentation, you will learn about:

  • Best Practices for Facilitating Live, Online Classes
  • The Hardware & Software You’ll Need to Get Started
  • How to Manage the Online Training Space
  • How to Engage Virtual Learners

Human Centered Design for Learning Practitioners

The world of graphic design, marketing, and product design have caught on to something interesting: it’s called human centered design. A term referencing a way of developing designed materials, the HCD and participatory design trend started to gel in the 1980’s. It’s even starting to show up in learning and development! Google the term and you’ll find dozens of books, kits, online courses and more that’ll teach you all about the philosophy, but not much about the application. In this hands-on workshop, we’re going to do both: we’ll learn the nuts and bolts of human centered design and we’ll also design a learning experience during the workshop. Why come make a learning event while learning? Well, because HCD will change the way you develop instructional materials forever – for the better!


Advanced Storyline 360

Ready to take your Storyline development to the next level? In this session, you will learn how to create interactions your students will love. I will demonstrate variables, triggers, and conditional branching.

I will also pass on some best practices that I have picked up over the years.

Variable Types, Adding triggers, Trigger types, Conditional triggers, Order of Action, Variable/Object naming conventions, Controlling navigation with triggers and variables

Create an Augmented Reality Scavenger Training Game

In this session, you will build an augmented reality scavenger training game using NFC technology (tags provided). Augmented reality training can be designed for just about any organization using a NFC enabled device and a few low cost NFC tokens. In the session, we will go step by step through the process of installing the software and creating the digital assets for the game. Next we will play the game and discuss how this type of training can be used to supplement training design. Finally, you will create your own game!




Creating a Content Strategy for Informal Learning

Most of the learning we engage in as humans takes place outside of the boundaries of a formal course. In this session you’ll learn how to create an ecosystem for informal learning using a multi-media, multi-channel approach.  Using his own content strategy as a template, Mark will discuss opportunities to impact corporate and individual learning in video, podcasts, digital magazines, blogs and with user-created content.  A content strategy for informal learning provides a new way to think approach training and development– where content becomes the means for development throughout the corporate milieu. If your looking for new ways to engage employees– or new ways to engage other stakeholders– this session will help you develop a complete strategy for doing so through content. In this session you’ll not only learn how to develop a strategy, but leave with the fundamentals of a strategy you can employ in your workplace or organization.

Building Augmented Reality Learning Experiences with ZAPPAR

At some point in 2017 you are likely to encounter a Virtual Reality #VR or Augmented Reality #AR multimedia interaction. The movie and marketing industries have taken full advantage of AR enhancing user experience with mobile device interactions. Why can we make learning materials come alive for workplace learning? ZAPPAR is one of the leading AR applications to do this and this session will enable you to create your own sample of AR enhanced learning.



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