Making a difference by tracking learning in a disconnected world

Is it possible provide and track training for thousands of volunteers located around the world, with infrequent internet access? Yes! We’ll share how we put a DominKnow course and a user interface on a USB stick that runs its own webserver and browser in order to support modern HTML and xAPI. Come hear how we not only accomplished that, but also accounted for really old computers, a variety of operating systems, low literacy and delivered in multiple languages. Not only will we share the fantastic solution we developed, but we’ll share the many lessons we learned along the way.



Cathy Moore’s Action Mapping: The Afterparty

Zions Bancorporation has fully implemented the concept of Cathy Moore’s Action Mapping.This session goes over the implementation process, the setbacks that we had, and tips and tricks that we learned to complete the action map faster and more efficient.





WordPress & xAPI

In this session, we’ll explore a practical application of using WordPress as an xAPI LMS.  In this session you will learn:  – How to set up plugins in WordPress to create an LMS including LMS plugin, xAPI plugin, and member plugins  – Tips and tricks for getting the most out of xAPI  – A real-world example of a modern learning management platform.



The Painless Survival Guide: Working with Subject Matter Experts

Working with Subject Matter Experts can be challenging. This two-hour session will help you survive the collaboration process with SMEs of all types and generations. Each section is designed to target a key area of the training and development cycle. This information can be used for traditional, e-learning and m-learning program development.



Using Camtasia for MicroLearning Videos

During this presentation, you will learn the benefits of MicroLearning and how videos play an important role in helping students retain their knowledge by watching short Just-in-Time videos.  We will also be discussing how Camtasia is the perfect application to create MicroLearning videos.




Collaborative Learning in a Cognitive World

Collaborative and social tools have transformed how we work together and perform our jobs.  These tools and concepts, however are not being used as they could or should be within the learning life cycle yet – so we continue to miss out on key opportunities to optimize the learning experience.  This will become even more crucial as we move beyond person-person to also encompass personalized interactions with cognitive-based platforms.



A Tale of Two Mobiles: Mobile design considerations across two platforms

As eLearning instructional designers begin offering mobile experiences to learners, the ways in which we approach instructional design and development needs to change. What works for a full-screen desktop experience doesn’t work on a mobile phone. How do we shift our thinking? How do instructional designers and developers work together? How do we think about screen experience and what that means to learners? What development platform should you choose? This session is a case study following an instructional design and development team’s thought process and deliverables from start to finish.



Building a Learning Culture

Training teams should be proactive in their business by meeting with business leader and understanding their needs. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Some training departments are struggling to gain relevance and notoriety. This session discusses a process to drive training departments into cultivating a learning culture. From engaging business leaders to providing a return of investment (ROI), this session dives into every facet that has an effect on learning culture.



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