CampThink – June 5 – A Deeper Look

What’s different about CampThink sessions vs. Standard or “You Build It” sessions?

  • – Deep dive sessions into a broader industry or development topic.
  • – 2 hours in length
  • – Discussion and workshop format with a concentration on research, practical resources enabling attendees to discover what they need. Attendees will walk away with a list of materials, resources, and next steps.
  • – Sessions are designed to help the attendee get started, but most of the value will come as they review materials after the conference through forum discussions- CampThink sessions are included in your Learning DevCamp 2017 registration.

Learning Technologies: from Now to Next

Have you experienced the joy and wonder of an LMS rollout yet? Or switched course development tools? Or been “voluntold” to help roll out a new software within your organization? If so, then you have experience dealing with tech surprises that can limit your success and change your workflow mid-stream. In this CampThink, we’ll pool our knowledge and find a better way of assessing, implementing, and maintaining things next time…because next time is coming around again all too soon.



Designing Mobile Learning—How to Create Great Experiences!

NickFloro.fwDesigning a great user experience for learners is critical to their success and how they engage and utilize your content. This session will break down what’s important in designing great user interfaces and experiences. We’ll discuss design strategies, what works and what doesn’t, and how to plan and prototype. You’ll see demonstrations of several great samples and get a list of resources for taking your designs to the next level, build up your inspiration, and get your team to the next stage.



Building Responsive Learning Sites and Apps

jeffbattBuilding custom learning that works on any device is no easy task. There are several devices and platforms you have to worry about. Several different phone sizes to target, not to mention the various sizes of tablets and desktop devices. This can be daunting for anyone trying to build custom learning. Luckily, there is an easier way of building responsive learning without having to learn a lot of code or being stuck with one tool. In this session, you will get started the basics CSS and JavaScript to make responsive design a snap and explore creating simple course menus. This session will allow you to target any device of any size, creating mobile break points and stylizing your content to look great on mobile devices.


Point, Click, Engage! Don’t Just Create eLearning, Create Effective eLearning

eLearning is everywhere. Unfortunately, most of today’s eLearning is nothing more than the dreaded “Death by PowerPoint” variety: boring presentations with terrible project flow, horrible graphics, poor design, and little or no learner engagement.

eLearning has been shown to be an effective part of any corporate training strategy. But how do you know that the eLearning you’re creating is effective? How can you ensure you’re not building an eLearning course that puts your learner to sleep? Attend this session and get your eLearning modules off on the right foot.

During this presentation, you will learn about:

  • How to ensure Learner Buy-In
  • The perfect length for an eLearning module and course
  • How long it will take to create an eLearning course
  • How to engage the Learner
  • How to increase learner retention
  • Best practices for adding visual assets to eLearning lessons


Come Explore the Wonders of the All-New Captivate 2017!

Joe Ganci is not only an eLearning expert, he is also an Adobe Captivate expert. Come and learn about all the new features and how they can help your eLearning shine. Time will be made for your questions: go ahead and challenge Joe with any questions you have about how to accomplish your instructional design goals in Captivate: he’s up for it! He’ll show you how to build it right in the session, time permitting and assuming it’s not an impossible task! (No, Joecan’t make Captivate build a time travel machine for you. Oh, wait….maybe…maybe…[Joe rushes off to try a few things].)
Those who attend will receive a copy of any files and examples we build in this CampThink session and one of you attending will receive a copy of Joe‘s new Captivate 2017 book!


Agile Project Management for Elearning

megantorranceOn time. In budget. What they need (even if that changes!). These are moving targets and yet, you’re expected to deliver all three. The software development industry is embracing agile to address these issues and there is much we can learn from them. Agile provides a framework for adapting to change as it happens and working with the client to deliver content most needed by learners. Learn about the Agile project management methods adapted specifically for the instructional design & development projects—Lot Like Agile Methods Approach (LLAMA)—and how you can use them on the job. You’ll learn about the tools and supplies you need and how to choose a project to pilot. You’ll also see how Agile supports the estimating, planning, and managing tasks within an eLearning design and development project.


eLearning Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Moving Forward

MarkLassoff.fwIn 2012 Forbes Magazine named five online teachers who had made over a million dollars teaching online.  Mark Lassoff was one of them. In this dynamic session, Mark will discuss how Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the online learning space are intrinsically linked. This linkage impacts not just how the industry moves forward, but the roles of practitioners in the learning industry itself.  Mark will describe how founding his own successful venture,, allowed him to innovate in the online learning space and push new modalities of learning content that became not only popular with learners, but financially successful for the company. Even if you don’t want to become an entrepreneur, you’ll leave this session understanding how applying basic entrepreneurial principals can make you more successful in the context of your job.  You’ll understand how to use the principals of entrepreneurship to innovate and move our industry in a positive direction while positioning yourself to advance in your career.

Pragmatic Instructional Design Theory – Making it Work for You and Your Learners

jB-2015Get it done. Need the course now. Slides, images, audio, and animation. On to the next. Did you ever wonder if your instructional design is meeting the needs of your learners? At a program, course, and module level? Let’s look at what research says, and discuss practical methods of making your learning more powerful, effective, and engaging.



Working with Subject Matter Experts – Discussion, Tools, and Tips

DebbieRichards2Many learning professionals are looking for a way to partner with subject matter experts (SMEs) without having to compete against them.  In this session, we will discuss tools and tips for working with subject matter experts (SMEs).  I will share my experiences working with SMEs – developing and facilitating learning programs.  We will cover project management strategies as well as how to engage the subject matter expert in the review process.



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