June 5 -How to Change Your World

What is your role as a corporate training professional? If you’re attending Learning DevCamp, you most likely love what you do and you want to improve, but do the people you work with love what they do? Do they love your training content and development programs?

People don’t care about your training unless they are engaged at work. And if they’re engaged at work, everything they do has a positive impact on the world around them. Storyteller and instructional designer, Katie Stroud has learned that success doesn’t happen without a story. Using the art of story, professionals like you can orchestrate memorable experiences that make a difference in people’s lives. Centered at the heart of the organization where the love of learning thrives, you are uniquely positioned to change the world by engaging people at work.

Author of the soon-to-be released book on live work stories, Katie Stroud offers an entertaining and inspirational presentation for a story that begins before you get there and continues after you leave.

June 6 – A Rock and a Hard Place: Learning Technology and Organizations

What are the biggest lessons L&D practitioners need to learn about working on technology within organizations? Mark Oehlert has spent over 15 years in the technology trenches working on how to deploy new and emerging tech to support learning efforts. What are the real roadblocks to getting your efforts funded, built and deployed? Why isn’t anyone using it? What’s the danger of pilots? And how do we need to think differently about how we do our jobs? Mark will talk about all these and share his strategies on becoming a successful learning technologist within your organization.



June 7 -The Future is Now! Where Are You?

Join us for this in-depth look at what tools, design and technologies we should be using in learning today and what’s just around the corner. We’ll dissect what the latest technologies and whats coming around the corner and how it will effect your development and engagement with your audience.What can we learn from the buzz and new tools appearing in the consumer and corporate environments and how can we take advantage of them to help our user’s learn. This fun session will give you dozens of ideas and reboot your brain for fresh perspectives how to enhance your learning today.

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