Need an LMS? Google it! (Using Google Analytics as a free LMS)”

In this session, I will show you how to leverage Google Analytics as a free LMS.   Google Analytics is normally used to track visitors on web sites. Out of the box it tracks each time a web page is loaded. It has a built-in option to easily add event tracking: “Someone clicked a link”. It also has robust reporting tools.  Plus you can see results live in real time as learners navigate your course.   eLearning courses are essentially web sites which means we can use Google Analytics to track user visits and events in them.   I will demonstrate how to set up your Google Analytics account and with just a few lines of JavaScript start tracking learners’ actions in your course. We will track slide views, question responses, and button clicks in Google Analytics.   I will be using a Captivate course in my example but the same technique applies to almost all tools.


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