How Science Fiction Can Help Make Your eLearning Better!

Star Wars takes place a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Star Trek takes place a few centuries from now. Fun adventures, sure, but what do they have to do with eLearning? Other fun adventures include Galaxy Quest, Serenity, Ghostbusters and, yes, It’s a Wonderful Life. While watching them, don’t you think to yourself, “Hey, I could apply that idea to my eLearning?” Joe Ganci does! Epic, mind-blowing ideas like those in The Matrix, Inception, Minority Report, Blade Runner, and so many others. They propose alternate realities, parallel universes, transporter beams and time travel. They pose a lot of “what-if” questions and allow us to see the answers. What does science fiction have to do with the needs of your eLearning audience? After all, they have to learn a new business process, customer service approach, software application, or other “real-world” needs! Joe has loved creating eLearning for 34 years and he has loved science fiction even longer than that. Come learn how to create truly engaging eLearning by applying the best ideas of sci-fi to your eLearning designs and have fun while doing it. You will learn to: Find the best “what-if” ideas and determine if they can help you reach your learners, Engage learners with story lines that you can borrow from the best sci-fi, and Apply concepts from science fiction to your eLearning designs.

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