eLearning Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Moving Forward

MarkLassoff.fwIn 2012 Forbes Magazine named five online teachers who had made over a million dollars teaching online.  Mark Lassoff was one of them. In this dynamic session, Mark will discuss how Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the online learning space are intrinsically linked. This linkage impacts not just how the industry moves forward, but the roles of practitioners in the learning industry itself.  Mark will describe how founding his own successful venture, LearnToProgram.tv, allowed him to innovate in the online learning space and push new modalities of learning content that became not only popular with learners, but financially successful for the company. Even if you don’t want to become an entrepreneur, you’ll leave this session understanding how applying basic entrepreneurial principals can make you more successful in the context of your job.  You’ll understand how to use the principals of entrepreneurship to innovate and move our industry in a positive direction while positioning yourself to advance in your career.

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