Design on a Dime

Got no training budget? As learning professionals, our project budgets are shrinking. However, there are plenty of free or low cost tools out there if you know where to look to “design on a dime”.     This session will explore how to build engaging and professional-looking deliverables on a shoestring budget just by tapping into these easily accessible free or low-cost resources. From sites that offer free courses and free image libraries to mobile apps that can make your live or virtual events more interactive with free polling or quizzing. Need to collaborate more effectively, how about doing it for free? Interested in tips how you can produce quality training videos with your smartphone? Would you like to learn about a design technique that could save you 1/2 the development time by using a familiar tool you already have?    You will walk away from this session with an exciting, low-budget toolkit you can start implementing immediately!


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