Best Practices for Teaching Live, Online Classes

Published reports say “the average student in online learning conditions perform better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.” That’s encouraging news for trainers and training companies looking to offer classes online.

Before jumping into the online training world with both feet, consider this: the world is littered with online courses that fail. Why? Typically, online classes that do not succeed are dull and far from interactive. The simple fact is this: if you don’t quickly and constantly engage your students, you’ve lost them.

Attend this session and you will learn how to facilitate online (synchronous) training classes. You will be introduced to the best practices for leading an online training class and the hardware, software and venture capital you will need to get started.

Who should attend this session? If you are a current trainer, training manager or are curious how online training classes work, this hands-on session is for you!

During this presentation, you will learn about:

  • Best Practices for Facilitating Live, Online Classes
  • The Hardware & Software You’ll Need to Get Started
  • How to Manage the Online Training Space
  • How to Engage Virtual Learners

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